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Swaying Girl Live Anime Wallpaper

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Swaying Girl Live Anime Wallpaper


To escape the unwanted attention, Shino desired to move far outside her hometown. As Shino's grandparents forbade her from working immediately after finishing middle school, the girl settled for entering a fairly well-known high school in the Tokyo neighborhood where she had used to live with her parents. In June, 2025, Shino met a boy named Kyouji while reading a book about guns in a local library there, which led to her being introduced to Gun Gale Online by the boy when she heard that the gun she had used in the post office incident was present in the game.[10]

On February 2nd, 2020, CM1X uploaded Hai Phút Hơn to YouTube, where it garnered over 21.9 million views in 10 months. On March 4th, ATOM Official uploaded a remix of the song to their YouTube[3] channel, garnering over 648,000 views in 9 months (shown below, left). On April 14th, GhostShadow uploaded a live wallpaper to Wallpaper Engine's Steam Workshop[4] page consisting of dat1guy420's GIF with additional animation and a darker background. On November 3rd, Alez con la Z uploaded a preview of the wallpaper to YouTube[5] garnering over 208,000 views in just over a month (shown below, right).

In the third round, Hawk went down after swaying back and getting knocked down by Takamura's punch, making Hawk furious as he easily stood back up. The two then began a brawl after their fists collided. They continued their brawl into round four, however, Hawk's punches began to miss as the challenger had adapted overtime. In the fifth round, when Hawk was pushed to the ropes, Miguel realised that Takamura and Hawk were like they were running on the same engine, and signalled Hawk to aim for a body blow. Hawk delivered the body blow, with Takamura's reaction allowing Hawk to realise he is running out of energy. Hawk then used an all-defence block, blocking some of Takamura's punches, however, Takamura was able to punch through some of the openings of the block until the fifth round ended. In the sixth round, Hawk easily downed Takamura after multiple combinations. When Takamura got up, Hawk continued to hold the advantage against Takamura until the sixth round ended. At the corner, angry that Takamura survived many of his punches, Hawk expressed his intention of using his license to kill.

Meanwhile, Rem asks Misa if it's a good idea to not use the Death Note for herself, and Misa says that she is using it for herself; she wants to meet Kira, talk to him and find out what kind of person he is. Misa explains that she moved here to live by herself and sent the tapes to the TV station so she could catch Kira's attention. She tells Rem that Kira must be interested in her by now, and could want to meet her as much as she wants to meet him. Rem says that Misa is playing a dangerous game and could get killed, and Misa replies that it will be fine as Kira is probably nice to girls, and she has the Shinigami Eyes and therefore, the upper hand.

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