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Eldar Markov

Gigantic Skyrim Fps Performance Patch

This is a Patch with brief tutorial to help you get a HUGE boost in your Skyrim performance. As a result, everything will look 10 times better. And the game will run so smoothly, you will be greatly amazed. Almost everyone can benefit from this patch. It is definitely a must-have.A simple .pdf, or .doc, file is also available.

Gigantic Skyrim Fps Performance Patch

Have you tired from CTDs when your game is heavily modded? Unable to install HD texture packs without CTDs or travel in the world very fast? This patch fixes the problem and also brings you higher performance even without memory fixes enabled. THIS IS NOT A GRAPHIC MODIFICATION, so feel free to use with vanilla game. THIS WILL NOT DEGRADE QUALITY IN ANY WAY TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE.

The improvement is still huge though, whether you're playing on Series X or S, but what really caught my eye here was the gigantic improvement to loading times. In my tests, extended waits are reduced to just a couple of seconds - talk about a night and day improvement! Quite how the Xbox Compatibility Team has pulled this off remains to be seen, but it's easily the biggest boost to loading times I've seen yet - and I wouldn't be surprised if key data is cached into memory to facilitate these massive reductions in loading times. Again, the change is transformative. Dishonored is a game about experimentation, about challenging the impressive AI. That entails a lot of dying and reloading, a torturous process on the last-gen systems that is not an issue whatsoever thanks to FPS Boost. Beyond the performance hiccups, the only real issue is the lack of support for Xbox One X, meaning that both Series S and Series X top out at the original 1080p resolution. Still, the game is still golden and again, it's available on Game Pass and worth checking out.

I've upgraded my 6850 1 GB VRAM to a R9 380 4 GB VRAM, but the performance gain isn't nearly as big as I hoped. I noticed gigantic macro stuttering after installing the card, so I "stripped down the game" to find the culprit.

Also keep in mind that Skyrim's intro (the cart ride into Helgen) is very script intensive so you will not get steady 60fps. You'll also notice some areas of Skyrim where performance may dip into the 40s or 50s depending on your video card even if you have an R9 380 or R9 390. I know Bethesda says the game engine is four years old, but I really think it's more like 10 years old with patches.


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