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R9 270x 1080p Benchmarks In Education [NEW]

Moving onto the 1080p sweetspot cards in the sub-200 category, we scale up our ambitions, moving all of GTA 5's standard graphics presets to the max - bar multi-sampling anti-aliasing. In the current market, Nvidia only has one offering here, the 150 GTX 960. That's pitted against three AMD competitors - the R9 285 and R9 280 (both in the 130 area) and the more capable R9 280X (170). What's interesting here is that the GTX 960 and R9 285 are 2GB cards, while the 280 and 280X offer 3GB of VRAM. This is crucial as maxing out the standard settings sees the graphics RAM requirement shoot up to 2.6GB. All of our benchmarks are carried out using the Core i7 4790K from here on out - and this screenshot shows you why: GTA 5 on our chosen quality presets requires a quad-core CPU for best performance. Marrying up a performance GPU with a less capable processor is not recommended on this game.

R9 270x 1080p Benchmarks In Education

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Alternatively, you can remain at native 1080p and push up the quality presets while still retaining that all-important 60fps. We're not quite maxed out on the standard menu, but we're getting very close - but the distance and shadow scaling options in the advanced graphics menu remain extremely intensive on resources and hit frame-rate hard (as the benchmarks demonstrate), so we recommend leaving those well alone.


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