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Gandeevam Movie In Hindi [PORTABLE]

The film begins with a multimillionaire Chakravarthy, a solitary who repents his long-lasting pregnant wife Parvati. Meanwhile, Michael a gangster acquits from prison and seeks vengeance on Chakravarthy. Here, Michael utilizes Chakravarthy's son Raja as a weapon of whom he is unbeknownst. So, he ploys by forging Chakravarthy as a hoodwink before Raja and instigates him on his father. Now, Raja with the aid of his fiancé Roja, and friend Ram Babu enters Chakravarthy's life, claiming themselves as his progeny and teasing him. After a few comic incidents, Chakravarthy develops an affection towards Raja and wants to accord him as his heir. At that moment, Raja double-crosses Chakravarthy and necks out by grabbing his wealth when Roja shelters him. Being aware of the afflict Parvati chides Raja and spins rearward. 25 years ago, Chakravarthy & Parvati are employed at Michael's shipping industry. Once Chakravarthy gazes at his illicit acts when he skips by posing Parvati as his partner and Chakravarthy discards her. Later, he realizes the truth, makes Micheal seized, and rushes for Parvati but it's too late. Listening to it, Raja moves to plead pardon from his father, when a flabbergast, Roja is slaughtered and Chakravarthy is incriminated. At last, Raja breaks out the mystery that Roja is alive in his custody of Michael. So, he relieves her from nick and proves his father's innocence. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the marriage of Raja & Roja.

Gandeevam Movie In Hindi


Nagarjuna changes his track towards multi starrer movies. Currently, he is working with Nani in Devadas movie. Now, his another film pooja ceremony has done and the movie is with Dhanush in Tamil. Moreover, Dhanush is the director also for this film. Though, along with Nagarjuna, Sarath Kumar, S.J.Suryah, Athidi Rao are playing roles in this film. The regular shooting date was not declared yet.

However, Nagarjuna signed for Brahmastra movie in Hindi and after 15 years he is doing a Hindi film. This film is a fantasy genre and director is Ayan Mukerji, the producer is Karan Johar. In this film, Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Mouni Roy are also the lead actors along with Nagarjuna. Now, this film is shooting level.

And, the fourth one is Marakkar in Malayalam. Moreover, Mohanlal is his co-actor in this movie. However, this movie director is Priyadarshan, who made Gandeevam and Nirnayam movies in Telugu earlier. Certainly, this movie is based on the life of Zamorin Naval Chief Kunjali Marakkar. Thus, Nagarjuna is doing 4 films in four different languages, i.e, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi languages. He left only Kannada and he may do in Kannada also if anyone approaches him.


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