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Eldar Markov
Eldar Markov


Juggernaut has one murderer with boosted health, and the rest of the players will be sheriffs. The juggernaut will permanently have their evil presence showing. If you hover over the juggernaut you can see their health. The juggernaut will win if they kill all players, and the bystanders will win if they kill the juggernaut.


Infected starts out with one murderer. The murderer has to kill other players which have guns to turn them into murderers. Once the murderer infects everyone or the time runs out, the game will end. Those who are infected have their evil presence showing.

In this script, you will win easily in one click, after you activate the Script, it will kill all the gamers instantly, and the new round will start, It is a fun, trolling script which will help you win easily in the game without doing anything much.

Weapons play an integral role for both murderers and sheriffs. Murderers wield throwable knives, whereas sheriffs are equipped with a gun. Both roles are able to buy different weapon designs (also called "skins") in the shop, or they can craft their own designs. The weapons can be decorated with special effects and death abilities, but they are merely cosmetics and do not affect gameplay.

As the murderer, the player's goal is to eliminate everyone, prevent the sheriff from shooting the other murderer and civilians from repairing the bed with white wool. There is two murderers and you can identify who the other murderer is by looking for the green circle. To kill the others, you have to be 7-block range close to a player and press [R], playing a silent execute effect and dealing 999 damage. The murderer dagger is a Spirit Dagger while executing players.

As the civilian, the player's goal is to survive, run, sheer sheeps, and repair the bed with white wool. If the sheriff shoots an innocent player OR is killed by the murderer, the player can pick up the crossbow dropped by the sheriff. If the bed is repaired, or if the murderers are killed, the civilians will win the game. Damaging an innocent player with a certain weapon causes the weapon to break, and disappear from the player's inventory.

As the sheriff, the player have to find and eliminate the murderers, shear sheeps, and repair the bed with white wool. The player start the game with a tactical crossbow, dealing 999 damage per shot and the crossbow have infinite arrows. If the player shoots an innocent player as sheriff, they will be instantly killed along with the innocent, while also dropping the crossbow. 041b061a72


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