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Due to the nature of this product, we are not able to accept returns. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, please contact us at and we will do all we can to remedy the situation.



--> Menu HomeShopBrandsAboutNutritional FactsRetailWholesaleFundraising LollipopsOrder Tracking ToolsReviewsOrganizational OverviewCandy ResourcesOrders And Return PolicyPrivacy PolicyContactBlogMy Account Four Reasons to Choose Lollipops as Your Summer CandyPosted April 26, 2021 by & filed under Blog.

No candy comes close to the lollipop in terms of the variety of flavors, sizes and shapes, which is part of what makes the lollipop the perfect summer treat. This summer, choose lollipops as your candy of choice for the following reasons.

Unlike popsicles, ice cream and gummy candies that melt as you eat them in the hot summer sun, lollipops can withstand the summer heat and stay a long-lasting treat for the season. Rather than leaving you in the sun holding a handful of melted candies, lollipops come on a stick, allowing for less mess and more summer fun.

If you can stand the heat as well as the tried and true lollipop, why not give Hotpops a try? Dipped in different flavors of chili on one side and a sour flavor on the other, this sweet and spicy combination is the perfect Mexican-inspired snack for adventurous lollipop connoisseurs.

Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops offer a range of great summertime flavors, including cherry lemonade, cotton candy, mango peach, strawberry cream and watermelon. These lollipops are sure to serve as a great distraction for whatever your plants include this summer.

Just as summer offers you the chance to spend your time in new placed, lollipops offer you the opportunity to treat your taste buds to different flavors, shapes and sizes, allowing you to get hooked on your favorite summer flavor and style.

Some lollipops include multiple flavors in one, while others are one powerful and staying flavor. Others are incredibly colorful and vivid, like our like our Color Xploder lollipops that looks like a strange planet from deep space on a stick and taste nearly as exotic. Indulge your tangy side with sour lollipops and experiment with different textures to find your preferred lollipop. Try a Sour Mania lollipop to really take your taste buds on a wild adventure this summer.

Regardless of your plans for this summer, make sure to stock up on lollipops for the trip! Order any of the great selection of lollipops from CIMA Confections online now, or call us today at 562-926-6800 to learn more.

Large round flat lollipop (13,9 gr) Summer Pop - Mixed flavors: Strawberry and Cream, Tutti Frutti, Watermelon, Mojito, Pomegranate, Piña Colada - Sold in large packaging in a presentation tubo with 100 units or in a full box of 6 x 100 pcs

  • A breathable organic mulch is not only aesthetically pleasing (looks nice) but can:Help to improve soil organic matter as it breaks down.

  • Provide shade for the soil to help reduce moisture loss and prevent weed seed germination.

  • Provide soil microbes, mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi), earthworms,and even nematode predators the necessary organic matter and ecosystem to thrive while their actions aid in improving soil tilth and or friability (think of this as the ease with which roots are able to penetrate the soil).

  • Provide insulation to protect the crowns of tender perennials and die-back perennials giving gardeners up to an extra half a zone of winter warmth allowing us to grow that which we normally could not.

  • Provide soil temperature moderation preventing premature soil warming in winter and providing a cooler root zone in summer.

  • So which mulch is our favorite? Our preferred mulch is Longleaf Pine Straw which has: a natural weed preventative for the first year after it is applied; it is sustainably harvested; and it provides protection from soil erosion and doesn't float away, and yet is still both insulative and breathable; while Longleaf Pine Straw appears to last the longest in the garden and landscape in our opinion as compared to Loblolly.

In general, plants will require the most nutrients when in active growth and less when dormant. For indoor plants and tropical plants grown in a warm greenhouse or atrium this may be year round. For winter growing perennials, like Louisiana Iris that go dormant in late summer, this may mean fertilizing in fall and winter. For spring and summer growing perennials, and practically all trees, shrubs, and perennial and woody vines in the garden we generally start fertilizing as early as 6 weeks prior to bud break (about Valentine's Day here in zone 8B in Louisiana) and they can be fertilized up to about 6 weeks prior to the earliest expected hard frost or freeze (about mid-August here in our gardens). This allows for tender new growth, and the entire plant really, to "harden off" prior to what could be potentially damaging temperatures and ultimately causing more harm than good.

Preferred planting seasons ranging in order of the most optimum to least optimum times for ease of establishment. Container grown plants, like what we ship, can be successfully transplanted anytime of year as long as proper care is provided. This gives container grown plants an edge on bareroot plants. With that said, there are easier and harder times to establish some plants mainly due to the additional moisture required by the plant during the main growing seasons like spring and summer. If you keep that in mind there is no reason that the great majority of plants can't be added to the garden anytime of year.

Pot by mid-spring to make sure plants are well-rooted before summer. Grow with a medium EC to minimize rapid growth and long internodes. Cut plants back to promote lateral branching or use PGRs to control height.

In 1970, Stephen Frykholm, newly hired as a graphic designer at Herman Miller, designed his first poster for the furniture company's annual summer picnic. He went on to design 19 more, each with picnic food as their subject. His compositions played with scale, abstraction, pattern, and vibrant color -- informed by the screen-printing skills he had developed while serving in the Peace Corps.

Celebrate summer and have a blast in the pool with this fabulous oversized "lollipop" pool float that can hold 2 or 3 kids at the same time. Super large! Super cool! Sized for kids and adults. Approximate dimensions are 82 inches x 53 inches.

Celebrate summer and have a blast in the pool with this fabulous oversized \"lollipop\" pool float that can hold 2 or 3 kids at the same time. Super large! Super cool! Sized for kids and adults. Approximate dimensions are 82 inches x 53 inches. 041b061a72


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