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Where To Buy Lobster Rolls

You make the lobster rolls the way you like and as big as you like. No need to skimp on the lobster meat. You add just the right amount of mayo and grill and butter the buns. Includes simple instructions for how to make lobster rolls at home.

where to buy lobster rolls

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Thank you so much for this detailed review on your experience. We apologize that our lobster meat and rolls were not up to your expectations. Our method of flash freezing our lobster is done with liquid nitrogen which keeps the quality and texture of the meat unaffected. By using liquid nitrogen, no ice crystals form, which allows for all of our frozen products to remain frozen up to two years with the same freshness.

We ship to all 50 states and Washington, DC. We are not able to ship live lobsters to Hawaii due to local regulations, but all other products are available! We are not able to ship to Puerto Rico or internationally at this time.

Frozen items should be thawed in a refrigerator for 16-24 hours depending on your fridge. Once thawed, lobster meat and crab meat should be enjoyed within 6 days. Raw seafood products, like our lobster tails, should be cooked within 2 days. *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness*

Looking for the best lobster rolls this side of the Atlantic? Look no further than Get Maine Lobster! Our delicious seafood is delivered right to your door, so you can enjoy the taste of Maine without ever leaving home. Try our award-winning lobster rolls today and taste the difference!

Whether you're planning a party or just want to treat yourself, our lobster rolls are sure to please. Plus, we deliver right to your door, so you can enjoy them wherever you are. So why wait? Order your Maine lobster roll today!

Our docks are teeming with fresh, succulent lobster, just waiting to be made into the most amazing lobster rolls you've ever tasted. From our classic authentic Lobster Rolls to our Crab Roll stuffed with sweet Jonah crab meat, we have something for everyone.

In a world of best-of lists and where everyone has an opinion, choosing how to make the best lobster rolls is right up there with naming the best Super Bowl match-up ever, whether thin crust or Chicago style pizza is better, or declaring the best movie of all time.

If you have the budget, order the live crustaceans online and have them shipped to your door. You can also look for them at Asian markets and some up-scale supermarkets. For the rest of us, frozen lobster is more likely in the cards.

Instead of cooking fresh, I bought cooked, frozen lobster meat that includes the knuckle, claws, and tail meat for all those sweet lobster bites. You can also choose frozen tails, bake or steam them, and coarsely chop.

Add a celery crunch. While celery can be a controversial ingredient some lobster roll purists will take issue with, I like the crunch and change in texture it contributes. Dice it small so as not to overwhelm each bite.

Gently warm the lobster meat in melted butter. Before combining it with the mayo dressing, warm the lobster meat in a skillet of melted butter for 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to cook it long, or it will become tough and overcooked.

What would a lobster rolls be without a side of potato chips? For me, the saltier and the crunchier the better. Salt and vinegar kettle chips are my favorite, and add a great contrast to the soft bun and lobster.

Thank you for this excellent recipe. I made it for my family tonight and they said mine was the best lobster rolls ever. I used green onion and add chopped Thai red chili pepper so it added a kick to it without changing the excellent flavor.

I live in Idaho, lobster is soooo expensive here. I was wondering how langostino would work in this. I love the this recipe and so want to make this. We can get langostino at our local Costco. Thanks for your recipes and beautiful pictures, my mouth is watering.

These cats have been in business since 1925. It would be difficult to find a roll made with fresher lobster in the city because James Hook & Co. traps its own. An iconic roll in an iconic waterfront dining room. One of the best in town, no doubt.

The bread is a freshly made, warm, cheddar and black pepper popover roll. He and his assistants dress up their freshly-cooked-then-chilled lobster meat with fresh tarragon, chives, and celery salt, and then slather on a blend of 80% seaweed butter and 20% mayo to finish off the award-winning recipe.

The super-popular Cousins Maine Lobster Truck is rolling all over Pittsburgh these days, with lots of stops at breweries and wineries, serving up their Maine Lobster Rolls (served chilled with mayo), Connecticut Lobster Rolls (served warm with butter and lemon), and other lobster specialties, like Lobster Grilled Cheese, Lobster Tacos, and Lobster Tots. Check their website for their daily schedule. Cousins Maine Lobster Truck (Roving)

The Commoner (now open on the rooftop Biergarten at the Hotel Monaco) is serving up Maine Lobster Rolls this summer, made with their own house-made lobster salad, and served on a buttered potato roll. Their full menu is available for dine-in service and takeout, along with other summer specials like Tomato Tatin on grilled sourdough. The Commoner (620 William Penn Place)

Lobster Salad Ingredients: lobster meat, mayonnaise, lemon juice, old bay seasoning (celery salt (salt, celery seed), spices (including red pepper and black pepper) and paprika)New England Buns Ingredients: unbleached enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, yeast. Contains 2% or less of each of the following: salt, wheat gluten, vinegar, dough conditioners (Contains one or more of the following: sodium stearoyl lactylate, calcium stearoyl lactylate, monoglycerides, mono- and diglycerides, distilled monoglycerides, calcium peroxide, calcium iodate, datem, ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides, enzymes, ascorbic acid), calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, wheat flour, corn starch, hydrogenated soybean oil, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, soy flour, soy lecithin, calcium propionate (to retard spoilage).

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The Muskaget at this restaurant is their version of a lobster roll, with Maine lobster on a toasted, buttered roll accompanied by bibb lettuce, lemon and chive (it comes with cole slaw). The roll can be ordered for takeout or delivery via Doordash.

Lobster rolls come hot or cold (and therefore with either butter or aioli) at this D.C. destination (each priced $19). There are also outposts in further flung Leesburg and Middleburg. Order pick-up through the restaurant directly.

This Alexandria waterfront spot offers curbside pickup and delivery through its website. They spike their lobster roll, which features large chunks of meat, with lemon-tarragon mayo and serve it with a side of Old Bay fries.

Elegant Rittenhouse restaurant Friday Saturday Sunday is back open with a summery takeout menu and a lineup of creative to-go cocktails. The lobster sandwich here includes grilled yuzu lobster, slaw, and plantain butter on a coco bread bun. Order online, Thursday to Sunday.

Summertime seafood pop-up Anchor Light, operating out of Stock in Rittenhouse, has three different versions of a lobster roll on its menu, plus a shrimp roll, a jumbo lump crab roll, and crinkle-cut fries. Order online for pickup or delivery.

Long-running Center City seafood destination Oyster House has both ready-to-eat lobster rolls, served with hand-cut fries, and a family-sized lobster roll kit ($138) made for assembling sandwiches at home. Order everything but the kit online for pickup or delivery. For the kit, call the restaurant. Outdoor dining is also available.

The beer garden at La Peg in the FringeArts building on the Delaware River is open daily with blood orange margaritas, cheeseburgers, crab cakes, and a lobster roll with herbed aioli on a split-top bun. Order online for takeout. Outdoor seating is available. 041b061a72


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